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Home of the BIG ZERO refinance our loans make picking a loan easy. With ZERO Fees, ZERO Deposits and ZERO Lock-In Fees Rite Lend eliminates the confusion normally associated with pricking the right loan that fits your needs. Helping you choose the right loan program starts with identifying your goals. Rite Lends team of experienced Mortgage Professionals is here to help and committed to finding the right loan for your specific needs. Rite Lend maintains a strict 'No Steering Policy'� eliminating incentives for our team to steer you toward any particular loan program and since our Mortgage Professionals aren�t paid on a commission basis so offering you a loan is based on your specific needs not the salesperson.

Getting a Jumbo loan has never been easier. Experts at Rite Lend can help you get a low fixed Jumbo rate.

Jumbo Perks

Lower your Payment

Get a long term fixed rate

Lower your monthly payment

Stabilize your monthly finances

Rates go up and down but more times than not they go UP! Provide yourself and your family the security of payments that won�t change regardless of the wild changes in the financial markets.

30 Year Perks

Lower FIXED interest rate

Financial security

Lowered monthly payments

Security of fixed payment with NO adjustments

Borrowers as much as 105% of your property value to payoff your existing high rate mortgage. That�s right; eliminate your variable rate mortgage or high rate mortgage WITH or WITHOUT equity today!

LTV Plus Perks

Refinance above 80% with or without PMI

30 Year Fixed rates

Terms as low as 15 Year Fixed

Security of fixed payment with NO adjustments

BIG ZERO closing cost options available

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"I recently refinanced with RiteLend. I am a widow and have never had to be responsible for financial projects such as this. RiteLend handled all the confusion and took care of it for me! The process was simple and headache free! I highly recommend having RiteLend handle your refinancing!"

Cathy Dougan, California

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