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Accelerator Loans

Out with the old and in with the new... a new way of paying off your mortgage. Have more of your monthly payments applied to your principle, pay off your mortgage faster and pay less interest over the life of your loan. Remember, less interest is good for you but bad for the banks.

  • Up to 78% of payment goes to principle
  • Terms as short as 120 months
  • Lower fixed rates
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30 Year Fixed Loans

The Traditional Fixed Mortgage gives you peace of mind with a secure low payment that doesn't change. Give yourself and your family the security of an interest rate that won't change, regardless of wild changes in the financial markets.

  • Low fixed rate
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Increased cash flow
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VA Loans

Veterans and active military personnel can access a host of federally-insured mortgage programs with low rates that are not available to the general public to purchase a new home or refinance your existing mortgage.

  • Easy qualification
  • Low fixed rates
  • Low monthly payments
  • 100% purchase and cash out programs
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VA Streamlines

As a veteran or active military personnel with an existing VA mortgage you may able to refinance with no income and no appraisal requirements. Streamlines also have lower credit score requirements, less restrictive underwriting requirements and little or no closing costs.

  • Low fixed rates
  • Low monthly payments
  • No closing costs
  • No income, no appraisal
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LTV Plus

Thanks to a federal program (HARP), home owners can borrow as much as 150% of their current property value to pay off existing high interest mortgage(s). If you've made your payments on time and your current mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you may be eligible.

  • No quity required (up to 150% loan to value)
  • Fixed terms as low as 15 years
  • Low fixed rates and payments
  • No mortgage insurance required
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